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Which planet is edible?


Which magician/illusionist is always on time?

✓Hans Klok

A cowboy enters the town on a horse on Friday and leaves two days later, also on Friday. How is that possible?

✓The horse's name is Friday

What does tiramisu literally mean in Italian?

✓pull me up

In addition to the Double and the Triple of Westmalle, there is also a third type that has recently been sold. The name?


Which fungus is a delicacy on the table? It is black, brown, or white and is detected by pigs.


What is the name of a small pet, a rodent of about 12cm. In Dutch, there is a verb derived from this animal.


What stresses you out?

What do you call a female ballet dancer?


I was a legendary Brazilian Formula 1 pilot, and I died during the Grand Prix of San Marino in 1994. Who am I?

✓Ayton Senna

Which non-mechanical sport reaches the highest speeds?


How often are the Summer Olympics held?

✓Every 4 years

In golf, you score a birdie at one under par, but what do you score at two under par?


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