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Which animal is 75% wool?

a Llamab Sheep✓Wolfd Angora rabbit

Which planet is edible?


Which magician/illusionist is always on time?

✓Hans Klok

Why can't secret agents play hide and seek well?

a They can't maintain their coverb They always leave a briefing behind✓They always have a license to be foundd They don't want to go undercover

What kind of music does a mummy play?

✓Wrap musicb Creepy rockc Pharaonic funkd Sarcastic symphonies

What is a bird that is always late?

a The dawdling crow✓The tardy birdc The night owld The sleepy goose

What does a vegan do when it's cold?

a Stay indoors and complainb Warm up with soup✓Roll up in a cabbaged Enjoy warm salads

Why are spiders excellent web developers?

a They have a good sense of designb They are highly skilled in programming✓They are experts in catching bugsd They have eight legs to type quickly

What does a boomerang say when it comes back?

a Ouch, that hurt!✓Hello there!c I'm going again!d What flight time!

What is a computer's favorite dog breed?

✓Labradorb Poodlec Schnauzerd Bitbull

Why was the math teacher happy with himself?

a Because he solved a good problem✓Because he stood squarely behind his decisionc Because he's always positived Because he had no problems

What does a pair of scissors say when it encounters a comb?

a I'll cut it out!b Oops, sorry!✓Don't comb me!d I'm sharp today!

What is a computer scientist's favorite fruit?

a Banana-ry✓Applec Pear-ogramd C-sharp

What does a baby computer say to its mother?

a Bit, bit!✓Mom.exec I love you, 01010101d Ctrl + Alt + Del

Why did the bicycle go to the gym?

✓To pump up its tiresb To stay in shapec For a spinning classd To step it up a gear

What kind of potato is always up for a party?

✓A disco potatob A party potatoc A chips potatod A french fry party potato

Why do bicycles never hurry?

a They are always two-strokeb They prefer a leisurely pace✓They are too lazy to rund They don't have time to pedal

What does a vacuum cleaner say when leaving the room?

✓I'm taking off!b I'm sucking!c To dust!d I'm exhausted

What is a ship that never sinks?

a A stainless steel shipb A wooden raft✓A cruise with jokesd A hot air balloon

Why can't bananas be solid?

✓Because they are always peeledb Because they are afraid of the monkeyc Because they are shyd Because they are secretly ice cream

What does a plant say when you water it?

✓Thanks, I was thirsty!b Stop making me wet!c I root for you!d Why are you doing this?

Why can't toads cheat?

a Because they always jump honestly✓Because they don't have handsc Because they have a frog's perspectived Because they always croak

What is a dolphin's favorite TV show?

✓Flipperb Ocean's Elevenc The Little Mermaidd Whale of Fortune

What does a chimney do when it's cold?

a It smokes a fireb It gives smoke signals✓It coughs up soot ballsd It uses nose spray

What is a dentist's favorite craft project?

a Tooth sculptures✓Floss artc Toothpick architectured Enamel painting

Why can't any of the fish play the piano?

✓They have no fingersb They have no fin-notesc They have no sense of tunad They don't like music

A cowboy enters the town on a horse on Friday and leaves two days later, also on Friday. How is that possible?

✓The horse's name is Friday

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