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What is the favorite coffee type at the office?

a Cappuccinob Espressoc Latte✓Regular black coffee

Which word best describes the work culture here?

✓Collaborativeb Innovativec Efficientd Flexible

What is the most popular team-building activity at work?

a Escape roomb Bowlingc Team-building day✓Pub quiz

How would you best describe the office environment?

a Open office space✓Cubiclesc Remote workd Private offices

What is the most common excuse for being late?

✓Trafficb Bad weatherc Alarm clock issuesd Forgotten lunch

What is the favorite snack during meetings?

a Fruit✓Cookiesc Nutsd Chocolate

What is the most used office proverb?

a Time is moneyb Think outside the box✓Teamwork makes the dream workd All hands on deck

What is the preferred music style for background during work?

a Popb Jazzc Classical✓No music

What is the most appreciated quality in a colleague?

a Creativity✓Reliabilityc Flexibilityd Team spirit

Which software tool is indispensable at the office?

a Slack✓Microsoft Teamsc Zoomd Trello

What is the favorite team activity after work?

✓Happy hourb Sportsc Relaxing at homed Joint dinner

Which color dominates in the office design?

a Blueb Green✓Whited Orange

What is the favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

a Short walkb Gym workout✓Laughing with colleaguesd Netflix marathon

What is the most used office jargon?

a Brainstorming✓Out of the box thinkingc Synergyd Deep dive

What is the favorite office plant?

a Cactusb Fernc Monstera✓Snake plant

What is the most common outfit on casual Friday?

a Jeans and T-shirt✓Polo and chinosc Dress or shirtd Sportswear

Which day of the week is the most popular for meetings?

✓Mondayb Wednesdayc Fridayd Tuesday

What is the most common excuse for not working overtime?

a Family commitmentsb Other appointments✓Personal healthd Post-work obligations

What is the favorite time for the weekly team meeting?

a Morning✓Afternoonc Early eveningd Late evening

What is the favorite team outing destination?

a Beach resort✓City tripc Nature adventured Theme park

What is the favorite treat for a birthday at the office?

✓Cakeb Cupcakesc Fruit basketd Chocolate

What is the most used excuse to skip teambuilding?

a Other obligationsb Not interestingc Need personal space✓Lack of time

What is the favorite office ritual?

a Taking care of office plantsb Fixed ritual at the coffee machine✓Jointly cheering for successesd Team meditation

I have a dormant employment contract. How and when do I get my severance pay?

a You are not entitled to it✓After asking the employer to terminate the employment contract.c You automatically have the right to it with a dormant employment contract.

Which colleague is known for their office humor?

a Janetc Mike✓Sophied Alex

Who has the most stickers on their laptop?

a David✓Emmab Chrisd Lisa

Which colleague always has the most organized desk drawer?

✓Sarahc Tomb Annad Kevin

What is the favorite coffee flavor of most colleagues?

a Lattec Cappuccino✓Americanod Espresso

Which colleague is known as the 'early bird' in the office?

✓Danielc Oliviab Bend Eva

What is the most popular snack during office hours?

a Fruit✓Chocoladeb Banaand Chips

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