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How it works

How to organize an interactive quiz?


Create a quiz in the editor

You create the quiz in our editor (similar to Powerpoint). Add the questions and answer options and select the correct answers.

Personalize the quiz as desired, add images and videos, and vary with different types of questions. You have the choice of multiple-choice questions, open questions, correct order, statements, polls, and more.

  • Add images and videos
  • Vary with different types of questions
  • Add ready-made questions to your quiz
creating quiz in editor
presenting quiz

Present the quiz on a large screen

Connect your laptop to a large screen to ensure that the quiz is clearly visible to all participants.

  • Questions, results, and scoreboard appear on the screen
  • Ensure that participants can see the screen well
  • Or share the quiz screen during a digital meeting via Teams or Zoom

Let people participate with their phones.

Participants scan the QR code on the large screen to participate in the quiz. The quiz master navigates through the quiz, each time you move to the next question, it also appears on the participant's phone.

  • Participants answer with their phones
  • Participation is free and can be done without an account
  • Participation is also possible with a laptop or tablet via
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With Classicquiz, you can easily put together a fun quiz. No hassle in Powerpoint or unreadable answer forms. Personalize and choose the settings that suit your type of gathering.

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Ask questions, polls, or generate word clouds

Scores are automatically tracked and displayed on the scoreboard. The scoreboard adds to the competition that makes the quiz extra fun. Scores depend on the points you can set per question.

Quiz results

View participants' answers

Immediately after each question, the results are available. Use this to make the quiz an educational experience. You can see exactly which part of the audience understood your question.

Quiz with scoreboard

Automatically show a scoreboard

Personalize your quiz to your own taste. Set your own design for all questions or choose a different combination of colors for each question.

Make your gatherings more fun and interactive

Organize an interactive quiz and bring your audience to life.


All features for organizing a fun competitive pub quiz


Organize an interactive quiz in real-time. Participants answer quiz questions directly via their phones. After everyone has submitted an answer or the time has elapsed, the answers appear on screen.

Participate with QR code

People can easily participate by scanning the QR code that appears on screen. Participation is also possible from a laptop or tablet by entering a unique code on

Set timer

Set an automatic timer. After the time has elapsed, participants can no longer answer. After the timer expires, you move on to the next question or first show the correct answer with the results.

Participate as a team

Also play quiz in teams. The quiz master creates the teams and each participant joins a team. Each team member gives individual answers, the average score of the team members determines the team score.

Various types of questions

Make the quiz even more fun and varied by adding different types of questions. Alternate multiple-choice questions with put in the correct order, make the right combinations, or fill in the blank questions.

Hold poll & generate word cloud

Use Classicquiz as a voting tool or to gauge the audience. Hold polls and generate a word cloud as a group.

Design & colors

Personalize your quiz to your own taste. Set your own design for all questions or choose a different combination of colors for each question.

Create quiz with images

Enrich your quiz with images. Upload personal photos or choose an image from our library with millions of beautiful photos.

Create video questions

Add video questions to your quiz. These can also be just audio clips from Youtube where participants have to guess the correct artist or song, for example.

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