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What is the name of Feyenoord's club anthem?

a Feyenoord ole ole ole✓Hand in hand kameradenb Dit is mijn clubd Wij zijn Feyenoord

How many points is a bullseye in darts?

✓60c 25a 180b 50

How long does an official football match last without extra time?

a 60 minutes✓90 minutesb 50 minutesd 95 minutes

Who became the world champion in cycling in 2012 in Valkenburg?

a Roman Kreuzigerc Oscar Camenzindb Alejandro Valverde✓Philippe Gilbert

Who won the Euro Cup in 2000?

a Englandb Germany✓Franced Spain

What is special about the F1 circuit of Monaco?

a The only circuit free for residents of the city of Monte Carlo✓The circuit is shorter than other circuitsc The route starts in partsd The race lasts more than two hours

From which sports is padel a combination?

a Tennis and badmintonb Badminton and squash✓Squash and tennisd Badminton and table tennis

How many kilometers is a marathon?

a 40b 41c 42✓42.195

Which country lost the final in the Euro Cup 2020?

a Spain✓Englandc Italyd Portugal

Where is the first flame of the Olympics lit?

✓Greeceb In the country where the Olympic Games were last heldc Chinad In the Olympic stadium

In which year did Sven Kramer make the wrong changeover?

a 2006b 2014c 2012✓2010

How thick (cm) should natural ice be to skate on it?

✓7b 5c 9d 10

What percentage of gold is a gold medal at the Olympic Games made of?

a 100%b 10%c 50%✓1%

Choose two of the five new sports featured at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

a Hockey✓3x3 Basketball✓Surfingd Beach Volleyball

What do you call a female ballet dancer?


Footballers are known as the Red Devils. But what is the nickname of the Belgian national basketball team?

a Belgian Tornados✓Belgian Lionsc Red Lionsd Red Dragons

Which cyclists officially won the Tour de France five times? Multiple answers!

✓Jacques Anquetil✓Bernard Hinault✓Eddy Merckx✓Miguel Indurain

What is the oldest tennis tournament in the world?

a Australian Open✓Wimbledonc Roland Garrosd US Open

What is Usain Bolt's exact world record time in the 100 meters?

a 9.56 seconds✓9.58 secondsc 9.57 secondsd 9.59 seconds

Which Belgian cyclist became the world champion in points race on the track this year?

a Jolien D'hooreb Lief Diddenc Sanne Cant✓Lotte Kopecky

Which teams lost in the semi-finals of the Euro Cup football in 2021?

✓Spain✓Denmarkc Belgiumd Switzerland

Which boxers ever succeeded in defeating Muhammad Ali? Multiple answers possible.

✓Joe Frazier✓Larry Holmes✓Ken Norton✓Leon Spinks

Who is the all-time top scorer of the Euro Cup with 14 goals?

a Lukakub Kanec Schick✓Ronaldo

Which football club has the largest football stadium in the Netherlands?

a Feyenoord✓Ajaxc PSVd Vitesse

When did Michaëlla Krajicek win Wimbledon in women's singles for the first time?

a 2005b 2006c 2007✓Never

In which country is the FIFA World Cup in 2022?

a Paraguay✓Qatarc d

Our Dutch curling team was demoted from the A to the B division last December. Against whom did they lose the last match?

a Belgiumb Finland✓Swedend Norway

Which color ring does not belong in the 5 Olympic rings?

a Blueb Green✓Oranged Yellow

I was a legendary Brazilian Formula 1 pilot, and I died during the Grand Prix of San Marino in 1994. Who am I?

✓Ayton Senna

Mr. Olympia is a title you can win in athletics!

✓Niet waar

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