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How it works

Creating and organizing a quiz is easy. Follow the 3 steps to organize your first pub quiz or interactive presentation.


Create a quiz.

Easily put together the quiz in our quiz editor. Add questions and answer options and select the correct answers. Personalize the quiz to your needs, add images and videos, and experiment with different question types such as multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop correct order, word clouds, polls, and more.


Project the quiz on a big screen.

Connect your laptop to a large screen and ensure the quiz is visible to all participants. You can also choose to play the quiz during an online meeting by screen sharing.


Let people participate via their smartphones.

Once you start the quiz, a QR code will appear on the screen. Participants can join by scanning this QR code with their smartphone. Participation is also possible via tablet or laptop by visiting and entering the quiz code there.


Play the quiz

Once the quizmaster and all participants are ready, the quiz can start. Navigate through the quiz using the controls in the top right or use the arrow keys to navigate through the quiz.

A selection of our features

Organize a fun quiz or create a diverse interactive presentation with these features.

Various question types

Create a surprisingly fun quiz with 8 different types of questions.


Automatically keep track of points / number of correct answers from your participants. Set a points amount per question.

Add images

Add your own images.

Set a timer

Set a timer for each question. Once the time is up, participants can no longer answer.

Team mode

Host a traditional pub quiz and play in teams.

Custom colors & personalization

Choose your own colors and background (images). Personalize the quiz to your liking.

Import presentation slides

Ideal for polls and word clouds during a presentation. Import your slides as a PDF and add some questions to make your presentation interactive.

Video questions

Embed videos from YouTube in the quiz to play a music quiz, for example.

View answers

View the answers after each question. See what percentage of the audience gave the correct answer.

Use cases

There are countless occasions for organizing an interactive quiz.

Encourage participants to participate.

An interactive quiz captures the attention of participants and encourages them to actively participate. Play a short quiz before and after to determine how effective your workshop has been.

Retrieve fun memories with a quiz.

Test how well the guests know the bridal couple. Perfect for retrieving funny and beautiful moments in an interactive way.

Give the audience a voice during your event.

Keep your audience engaged by alternating presentation slides with questions, polls, or by capturing audience thoughts in a word cloud.

Test knowledge together with colleagues.

Organize a fun quiz about your work and your colleagues. Also a great way to introduce new colleagues.

Make an anniversary even more fun with a quiz.

Organize a quiz to celebrate a wedding anniversary, an employee's 5-year tenure, or celebrate the company's 10th anniversary. Ask questions about fun events or milestones achieved. Make it visual with photos and fun videos.

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